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Dragons Volleyball Association Inc. (Dragons) strives to be the premier volleyball club in Queensland, and supports the promotion of social and competitive volleyball to all players. 

To ensure that Dragons is seen as an attractive place for volleyballers of all ages, and that the club can minimise fees while maintaining high quality, Dragons expects all of its members to comply with the following conditions of membership.

1.     Conduct

1.1.   All Dragons members must adhere to the Volleyball Queensland code of behaviour (‘the VQ code’), as amended from time to time, located on the Volleyball Queensland website, here.

1.2.   It is the responsibility of each individual member to read, understand, apply, and adhere to the VQ code of behaviour.

1.3.   Dragons does its best to ensure the safety of its members at Dragons’ activities. However, members retain responsibility for their safety at all times. In the case of juniors, parents and guardians retain responsibility for their child’s safety at all times.

2.     Registration and Fees

2.1. Members should renew their membership of the club each year using the online membership portal provided.

2.2. Members should register their intention to participate in any events (competitions, tournaments, etc) by filling out the appropriate form on the membership portal.

2.3. All details provided should be correct and in no way misleading.

2.4.  By nominating to renew membership or to participate in any Dragons activity (verbally or otherwise), the member accepts the associated fees, and agrees to pay those fees by the due date. If no due date is specified, they will pay within one month of incurring the fee.

2.5.   Fees may include (without limitation): membership fees, registration fees, training fees, match fees, accommodation fees, social event fees, jersey costs, etc.

2.6.   If a member fails to pay their fees on time, Dragons may charge a late payment fee in addition to the original fee.

2.7.   If a member experiences difficulties with paying their fees on time, especially where their account has more than $200 outstanding, they should inform the Dragons Treasurer prior to the due date for their next fee payment.  Where feasible, and having regard to the specific circumstances in each case, members may negotiate an alternate payment plan with the Treasurer. 

3.    VQ Membership

3.1    All Dragons members must be Volleyball Queensland members, and as such must adhere to VQ’s terms and conditions for membership.

4.     Breach of conditions

4.1.   Failure to comply with these conditions may result in Dragons taking disciplinary action against the member.

4.2.   The disciplinary action taken will generally depend on the circumstances surrounding the breach, the severity of the breach, and the member’s history, and will be determined by the Dragons Committee.

4.3.   Disciplinary action may include, but is not limited to:

4.3.1.Playing restrictions, e.g. not being permitted to play for, or train with, Dragons;

4.3.2.Entry restrictions, e.g. being refused entry to an event run, or participated in, by Dragons; and

4.3.3.Suspension or revocation of membership.

4.4.   The disciplinary action in this clause is in addition to any action that might be taken by Volleyball Queensland or the Australian Volleyball Federation, which may include blacklisting from Queensland and Australian volleyball events.

5.     Junior Members

5.1 All members and associates, and especially those who have roles in which they interact with children, are required to comply with the club's Child Safety Policy.

6.     Miscellaneous

6.1.   Dragons reserves the right to amend these terms at its discretion and from time to time. Dragons will notify its members of any changes to these terms by publishing the updated terms on the Dragons website, http://www.dragons.org.au.


Member Agreement (General)

I have read and understood the conditions of membership and agree to comply with them.

Junior-Member Agreement (agreed to by the parent or guardian)

I understand that while Dragons Volleyball does its best to ensure the safety of its members at Dragons Volleyball activities, I retain responsibility for my child’s safety at all times. I agree to release photographs of my children taken at club-related activities for use in Volleyball Queensland and/or Dragons Volleyball’s websites, publications and social media to promote the club. I am aware that I can peruse the club's Child Safety Policy and/or have a discussion with a committee member, should I have any concerns regarding my child's safety.

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