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How do I sign up for an event?

Events may be competitions, tournaments, social nights, jerseys - anything that costs extra over and above your membership.

Signing up (and even better, paying) for events informs the committee of your commitment to participate in this activity.

To sign up for an event:

1. Go to www.dragons.org.au, click 'MEMBERS', then click 'Become a member'. Alternatively you can go straight to the internal website internal.dragons.org.au, and click on 'Login to Member portal'. 

2. Click on the 'EVENTS' link at the top of the page.

3. You can look at upcoming events in either List or Calendar view.


4. Click on the event of interest.

5. Examine the information, and click 'Show details' for more information if you wish.

6. To register, click 'REGISTER', and fill out/review fields provided and click 'NEXT'.

7. Review/confirm your  details and click 'INVOICE ME' or 'PAY ONLINE' and follow the payment instructions.

Helpful Tips:

1. If you intend to sign up for multiple events at the same time, it may be simpler to choose 'INVOICE ME' for each one, and then pay for all of them in one go.

2. To remind you of when events are happening, you can click the 'Add to my calendar' link found on each activity.

3. If you need to sign up to an event after it is over, you will not be able to do so yourself. Please contact the Dragons committee for assistance!

4. If you are invited to register for an event by email and you don't intend to go, tell us so by clicking 'Not attending' in the email! Not only does it assist the organiser, you will stop getting the repeat reminder emails about that event!

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