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How do I use club credit?

You may end up with club credit if:

  • You pay more than you owe
  • Your invoice is discounted after you pay
  • You perform some significant role for the club (coaching, administration, etc)

You have club credit if your balance is negative (Overpayment). To use your club credit, you must 'settle' unused payments (credit) against unpaid invoices.

To use your club credit:

  1. Log in to the member portal (for the account with club credit), and sign up for something that you would normally pay for. Instead of paying online, click 'Invoice Me'. I assume you already know how to do that part - now you need to associate your invoice with your 'unsettled' payment.

  2. Go to your profile by clicking 'View Profile', then click 'Invoices and payments'.

3. You should see a list of invoices and payments.

4. Choose the invoice(s) that you wish to pay using your club credit by clicking the check boxes next to them. 

5. Also choose the payment(s) to settle against the above invoices.

6. A 'SETTLE' button should appear as above. Click it!

7. That's it! You can see here that invoice 2017 is 'Settled'. The payment of $20 has been used to pay for the $10 invoice, leaving $10 left to pay for something else.

8. You should receive a receipt by email indicating that the invoice has been paid for.

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