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How do I join Dragons as a new member?

  1. Go to www.dragons.org.au, click 'MEMBERS', then click 'Become a member'. Alternatively you can go straight to the internal website internal.dragons.org.au, and click on 'JOIN US'.

2. On the 'JOIN US' page, you must select the appropriate membership level for you. If you are unsure which one to pick, please ask your Dragons' activity coordinator. Information is also provided on the page to help you decide correctly. Once you have selected a membership level, scroll down and click 'NEXT'.

3. Enter email address and complete security check.

NOTE: The email address provided will be this member's username when logging in, therefore two accounts can't use the same email address. For families with more than one child, we recommend using the child's email address as the username - parent's email can be entered in a later field.

4. Fill out the remainder of the form, noting the explanations provided for each field.


  • 'BASIC IDENTIFICATION' refers to the adult or child participating in the activity, NOT their parent/carer.
  • Parent and Emergency contact information may be provided in this section.
  • Any additional email addresses provided will also receive any emails sent to the member.

5. Once completed, click 'NEXT'.

6. In the payment section, select either 'PAY ONLINE' to pay by card (preferred), or 'INVOICE ME' to pay by bank deposit or other payment method (eg Direct Debit).

7. If you chose 'INVOICE ME', you should receive an email indicating that you have applied for membership and that Dragons are awaiting payment. If you don't, something has gone wrong!

     7a. Please go ahead and make/arrange payment.

8. Once payment is recognised as being made, you should receive an email confirming your membership of Dragons. If you pay by card, this should happen immediately. Otherwise this may take a week or two, as the process is manual!

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